Update on Academic Reconstruction

Anna Cronin, Staff Reporter

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In an April 4 statement, President Martin said, “Our academic restructure is progressing as planned. As you may remember, the Board of Governors approved the restructure, and the HEPC and the HLC have released us from further approvals. Consequently, we will begin the external and operational implementation of the new structure (placing schools, departments under the appropriate college) shortly. Our operational implementation (processes, etc.) will take longer, as some of our processes will need to be realigned.

We anticipate being fully operational by July 1, 2020. This realignment will afford us the opportunity to turn on a dime to meet immediately the needs of our business partners, creating a competitive advantage for them and for our students.

Our goal is to provide all our students the opportunity to remain in our state in careers.

We aim to attract new businesses by being the provider of choice for talent in North Central West Virginia and in our state.”

To read about what these changes will be, read our last story on the topic here.



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