Pets Ease Stress of Midterms

Keely Stiles, Staff Reporter

Midterms can be stressful for many students, so what better way to relieve that stress than snuggling up to an adorable, fluffy puppy?

On Tuesday, March 5th Pet Helpers brought some cute furry friends to the Falcon Center to help students keep calm during all the pressures of  midterm week. Pet Helpers is an organization that matches cats and dogs in overcrowded shelters with loving foster parents. They also help find these cute critters their fur-ever home. Students got to spend time with these rescue puppies and learn more about Pet Helpers from the wonderful foster parents who brought their lovable pups. After getting to bond with those puppies it was hard to not want to take one home, and luckily some of them were available for adoption!

Puppy decides to take a nap on a new friend.

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If you’re looking for a new family member and want to rescue a pet in need, Pet Helpers is a great place to search. However, if you are unable to adopt a pet right now Pet Helpers also welcomes monetary donations and pet supplies like food, toys, collars and leashes, cat litter, and other things to help them care for their rescue animals. Not only was playing with puppies a ton of fun, but it also introduced students to a great non-profit organization that helps save the lives of animals. Overall the event was a huge success for Pet Helpers and the students they were helping. There was plenty of puppy-love to go around!