How to Keep Up with Grades

Makayla Schindler, Staff Reporter is known that every college student struggles with their grades at least once in their college career. Some struggle more than others and that is okay! Especially when students are starting a new semester, or it is getting hard to keep up with their time-management skills. Through the past 3 years, I have learned many tricks and ways to keep up with my grades, even during hard times in life. 

The very first and most important way I learned to keep up with my grades is by attending class and making connections with my professors. By trying to attend all their classes, students will stay informed on upcoming assignments, as well as learn what is needed to do said assignments. Students will have the opportunity to ask their professors any questions they may have or ask for help to better understand the topics or assignments at hand. Making connections with professors is also very important. If students need extra help on assignments or have situations in which they can’t complete them in time, most professors are always willing to help. 

Staying organized and time-management can help tremendously when students are struggling with their grades. Make a weekly to do list and do not wait last minute to start assignments. This will help because students can plan time to do homework, go to classes, work, and then still have time for themselves. Printing out course schedules can help students stay organized by the presenting of deadlines, they can mark off assignments as they go. This will take stress off the student’s shoulders. 

Taking notes and participating in class can further help the student understand what is going on within the curriculum and class itself. Students can always refer to their notes if they need quick help on an assignment or if they need to study for an exam or test. Ask and answer questions to participate in class. It is NOT embarrassing if your answer is wrong, this helps the teacher clarify the correct answer so students will know for future reference. If you don’t understand, it is OKAY to ask for help or clarification! This will help you as a student and will help better connections with professors. 

If none of these are helping, and student’s grades are still struggling, the LEAD Center is always offering tutoring and help on the second floor of the library. They offer a variety of resources to students, including peer and professional tutoring, workshops, peer mentoring, and more. Appointments and be face-to-face or online. Students can book an appointment by logging into their account and clicking on the “Accudemia” option. If students have any further questions regarding the LEAD Center, they can be reached by phone: (304)368-7017 or email: [email protected]