2021 NFL Free Agency 

Nate Sudberry, Staff Reporter

After an exciting year of football in the NFL where it was all about adjusting to Covid, we have the NFL free agency here now. NFL Free Agency is for NFL players who are looking to sign a new contract with a team that wants them just as bad as they want to be there. Last year, the NFL free agency had to be done virtually due to the Covid outbreak so the NFL took caution. This year in person meetings and traveling are allowed.  

NFL free agency officially began on March 17, 2021 at 4 p.m. This a chance for all 32 NFL teams to sign any player that they want to go after. Big names like Anthony Harris and wide receiver Kenny Golladay are still left on the free-agent market.  Many of these deals that are done in free-agency are lucrative and life changing for many NFL players. It is often some players first chance at free agency. Kirk Cousins when he was in free agency signed a 3-year contract that was worth 84 million dollars, so free agency is definitely good for the players, teams, and even fans. 

“I love the Patriots, we are doing amazing so far in free agency”, said Obadiah Asare, a student at Fairmont State. The Patriots have actually been one of the most active teams in free agency. Having your favorite player on the free agency market and your favorite team having a chance to get them is pretty exciting. 

This is a chance for Fairmont State students to follow their favorite NFL players and their favorite NFL teams. Ge the chance to tune into free agency and stay updated on what’s going on at https://www.nfl.com/free-agency/. This is a chance for all. Don’t miss out!