The SGA get swamped with fundraiser requests

Alex Mullins, Staff Reporter

On February 6, 2020, the SGA had approximately 10 fundraiser requests which asked for varying funds. The SGA had the budget to pass all those requests unanimously.

Raychel Fitzwater, former SGA secretary, is now the newly appointed Executive Board Vice President for SGA, replacing Dillion Bradley, who accepted a position as Fairmont State’s new legislative liaison. Nominations for the secretary position will be taken at the next meeting.

Vice President Fitzwater made a motion before the assembly to suspend a constitutional rule that states any member who wants to run for a position in SGA must be a part of SGA for one year. A secret ballot was held as 13 voted yes and two voted no, the motion passed.

The nominations, when selected, will be voted on two weeks from now.

President Tyler Keller also made a motion to approve $500 from SGA’s budget to fund the transportation for Fairmont State Day on February 25th. The motion was unanimously approved.