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Conspiracy Corner: Where The Black Bird Flies

Harmon Lanager, Staff Writer

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Welcome back to Conspiracy Corner. Last week, we discussed the initial encounter of the legendary Mothman by Linda and Roger Scarberry with their friends, Steve and Mary Mallette, that kicked off a wave of hysteria over Point Pleasant, West Virginia. 

Newspapers were quick to pick up their story and run with it, spreading news of “the Bird” like wildfire. These newspapers included the Point Pleasure Register and The Athens Messenger, from whose reports the average West Virginian first heard of the Mothman. But it certainly would not be the last. 

The Scarberrys would continue to experience strange activity around their home, such as objects moving on their own or bizarre static sounds with no obvious source. Even when they moved away, the activity simply moved with them. They even reported spotting the Mothman again, on the roof of their new home and looking in through one of their windows. Linda went on to claim that she did not feel afraid of it. Instead, she said that the creature appeared curious and lonely.  

It did not take long for more sightings to occur. On November 15th, Marcella Bennett, her brother Raymond Wamsley, his wife Cathy, and Marcella’s daughter Tina came to visit relatives in the TNT area. Finding their relatives were not home, they were about to return to their car when a bright light caught Raymond’s attention. Marcella did not notice the lights and approached the car. 

Suddenly, a black figure emerged from behind their car – a birdlike, six-foot tall creature with legs covered in grey feathers and wings tucked into its body. Marcella was frozen in fear for several moments before she turned to run. Even then, she only took a few steps before collapsing to the ground.  She later reported that she felt like she couldn’t move. When she finally managed to recover, she recalled hearing the flap of massive wings behind her. 

Quickly, they got inside their relative’s house, panicking, and phoned the police. Even inside, they were terrified of the creature. With good reason, it seems, for they reported that it shuffled onto the porch and repeatedly pressed against the door. Police quickly arrived but found that the creature was gone. 

Marcella was reportedly left traumatized by the experience. She refused to drive at night, suffered panic attacks, and experienced a loss of sleep. She stated that her anxiety was brought on by the feeling that the creature was now connected to her and would, in time, return. 

Join us next week at the Conspiracy Corner as we cover the climax of the Mothman’s reign of terror over Point Pleasant and the other strange occurrences that only added to the small town’s paranoia.  

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Conspiracy Corner: Where The Black Bird Flies